Jamil Chokachi                        AEA    AGVA    SAG-eligible       

Tony Aronica in Savage in Limbo
Victor in Gigi
Emcee in Cabaret 
Thank you very much for stopping by my website!  As you'll see, I am an actor, singer, director, stage manager and all around theatre guy. 

The son of an Arabic immigrant father from Baghdad, Iraq and a Southern belle from Nashville, TN, I grew up in Memphis, TN a fairly confused yet well rounded young lad. It didn't take too long to figure out I was meant for the entertainment world. oddly enough, first with the discovery of my singing abilities and then into the acting realm. I continued my theatrical pursuits in L.A. after college and then made my way east to NYC.  I'm a happy member of Letter of Marque Theatre Ensemble in Brooklyn and have worked closely with them over the past few years; in improv, sound painting and new works. Most recently, during the covid year, we completed a very well received Zoom production with Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj entitled The MisEducation of America. The Covid summer of 2020 also allowed me to direct and produce a wonderful production over zoom of Animal Farm by George Orwell. It's an interesting time to say the least and I'm looking forward to see how the world bounces back!
Thanks once again and Stay Safe out there! 


BrickaBrack Ensemble