Becoming Banksy
"Jamil Chokachi plays the dozens of supporting roles...He produces a virtuoso performance. Playing Banksy's 
estranged wife, with only a swishy scarf to signify gender, he convinced me to suspend all disbelief 
and I fell completely into the pathos of the scene."

Michelle Palansky CBC News

Channeling Kevin Spacey 
"Jamil Chokachi, plays all the other roles, ranging from an oily pickup artist to Charlie's crush, a sweet female bagel-shop clerk. Slipping in and out of multiple characters with quicksilver speed, Chokachi evokes Frank Gorshin, the great impressionist and comic actor of the '50s and '60s best known for his portrayal of the Riddler on the "Batman" TV series. It's all there: the blade-thin androgyny, the facility with voices, the unnerving leer. He suggests a manic, possibly poisonous lizard, and I mean that in the best possible way."


​"The very funny, very versatile Jamil Chokachi plays everyone else, from Charlie’s over-enunciating bosses and brown-nosing co-workers to his tough-talking lothario best friend to the sweetly winsome bagel girl Sherie, and dozens more. This is the type of broad comic role that could devolve into self-indulgent pyrotechnics, but Chokachi maintains terrific balance between the over-the-top characterizations and moments of real heart."

​"Jamil Chokachi adds an extra comic punch playing all the other characters. He moves from Charlie's snippy girlfriend to the women he pines after at the bagel store with a natural ease, and he evokes the manic humor of former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan as he plays Charlie's overeager colleague, Sanjay."

​The Resistible Rise of Arturo UI as Arturo Ui​
 "As the title character, Jamil Chokachi turns in 
tremendous performance..."​ 
"Chokachi is impressive as a swaggering gangster..."
LA Weekly​

 "...Marvelous commitment and physicality."​ 
  Backstage West​​​

"Jamil Chokachi as Alicia’s butler reflects the same superiority and snobbishness as his mistress..."

Musicals Tonight! 
The Girl Who Came to Supper
"The lavishly costumed concert staging by Musicals Tonight! 
features first-rate leads and an excellent musical ensemble."
Victor Gluck

Chess as Freddie ​ 
 " ...Chokachi feral intensity to Freddie's perilous tessitura..."
L.A. Times​​

The Merchant of Vinice as Morroco and Arogon
"Chokachi's Fleeting dual turn...threatens to steal​ the whole show in only three scenes."​  
L.A. Weekly

Sweeney Todd as Tobias​
"...bright-voiced tenor Jamil Chokachi the sweet but simple Toby." ​ 

        Jamil Chokachi 
                                             Maggie's Riff 

                                               as Mouse

          "...Powerhouse, Jamil Chokachi 
                                       brings every scene to life..."​                                                       

                                               Backstage West​​